House Serenity - C4 - island Zizanj


House Serenity - C4 - island Zizanj

Zizanj - island Zizanj
Town center: 8000 m
Distance from the sea: 10 m
Capacity: 4

Airport 40000.00 m, Pharmacy 8000.00 m, Boat berth 10.00 m, Post office 8000.00 m, Ambulance 8000.00 m, Sea 10.00 m, Market 8000.00 m, Exchange office 8000.00 m, Town center 8000.00 m, Restaurant 200.00 m, Ferry port 8000.00 m.

Nearest beach 10 m
Nearest airport: Zadar
Nearest ferry port: Tkon

pebble beach and larger rock fragments.


a szálloda ajánlata:
Dishes and cutlery, 2 x Extra beds in lounge, Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Stove Cooktop, Outside shower, Barbecue.


House is not accessible by car!
The water tank holds 18.000 l. Electricity is generated by solar power 12 V.

Running cold water is installed in the kitchen and the bathroom. Outdoor shower is provided with a boiler that heats by the warmth of the sun. The water should be spent here sparingly. This water is originally tap water, but as it is staying in the tank in hot weather, we recommend it to be boiled before drinking, or that the users of accommodation would purchase bottled water for drinking.

The kitchen has a gas refrigerator and a gas stove. Dishes and bed linen are prepared for you. Fresh bed linen arrives once a week. This house is leaning on another house, from another owner.

Groceries delivery is organized once a week. There is the possibility to rent a motorboat (on request, and provided that the client owns an acknowledged boat driver's license).

You leave your car (one per group) safely and without further costs parked in Biograd. Transfer from this parking place to the house once upon arrival and back to the car once at the end of your stay is also free of charge.

We recommend that you bring your mobile phone, so you can contact us in case of need. You may recharge your mobile phone in the house, with your regular household recharger or your recharger that you also use in your car.

Kindly check in during the morning till early afternoon at our agency in Biograd, because the arrival to the reserved accommodation unit is impossible at night.

allowed (5 EUR/day)

09:00 h

09:00 h

Szállás Szolgáltatás 01.04.-08.06., 14.09.-02.10. 08.06.-29.06., 31.08.-14.09. 29.06.-06.07., 24.08.-31.08. 06.07.-24.08.
house Serenity (4 persons) 1 x szállásbérlés 59.00 69.00 87.00 104.00

Az ár tartalma:

- rent + tourist tax + transfer
- cleaning at arrival
- bed linen


Registration fee - one-time fee, on arrival, 1,50 EUR per person.