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Island Lopud

Lopud sziget

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Island Lopud

Island Lopud, beautiful island, part of the Elaphiti archipelago, Hotel Lafodia, Southern Dalmatia, Croatia

Included in the Elaphiti archipelago is the island of Lopud, a small jewel set in the blue Adriatic immediately opposite the city of Dubrovnik (9 nautical miles away). Lopud, the Croatian name of the island, is derived from the Greek Dalaphota, Romanized into Lafota. No cars are allowed on the island, which makes it a natural paradise that’s the only one of its kind in the world. Located northwest of Dubrovnik between the islands of Kolocep and Sipan, Lopud is the second largest island in the Elaphiti archipelago and is often called “middle island” (Insula Media). From the economic standpoint, it's the most prosperous island in the archipelago. It has a surface area of 4.63 sq. km. and a population of around 400. A dolomitic valley runs between two parallel mountainous limestone ridges on the island, and the inlets of Lopud (to the northwest) and Sunj (to the southeast) extend from the ends of this valley. Lopud Island has 11.5 km of coastline, of which 1.20 km. are marvelous sandy beaches. The highest peak is Polacica (216 m). Thanks to its mild climate with 2584 hours of sunshine a year, the island is covered by thick Mediterranean vegetation.
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Lopud sziget Lopud sziget Lopud sziget Lopud sziget Lopud sziget


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