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Dugi otok

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Dugi otok

Dugi otok, Bozava, találkozóhelye az emberek, a természet és érdekes kulturális emlékek, Szállodák Dugi otok, Közép-Dalmácia, Horvátország

Dugi island
This is the largest of the Zadar archipelago islands with a surface area of 144.44 km2, the seashore length being 179.75 km with eleven settlements facing towards the mainland and a steep southwestern side facing the open sea.

The most attractive for tourists are the southwestern and westerly parts of the island. Telescica in the southwest was proclaimed a Nature Park and is both in its relief and geology a part of the Kornati National Park. The western part is renowned for its tourist resort Bozava, sandy beach called Sakarum and the Veli rat lighthouse dominating the whole area. Sali is a tourist and fishing town and is the administrative seat of the island. The Zadar - Brbinj ferry line connects Dugi Otok with the mainland.

Around 1500 inhabitants live on the island in 12 villages (Bozava, Sali, Zaglav, Zman, Luka, Savar, Brbinj, Dragove, Zverinac, Soline, Verunic, Veli rat). The road connecting all places on the island offers a magnificent view. The island is well connected with the mainland by ferries and fast ships.

Every place on Dugi otok has its festivity. Hedonism and Mediterranean culture with specific traits of different places, such as donkey races, folk dance kolo, theatre performances and musical concerts in the environment of the island architecture, makes even the farthest dreams come true.


The island of Dugi otok is a meeting place of people, nature and interesting cultural monuments. On the island there are amazing puddles with accumulated water that can be found in all places on the island of Dugi otok, resembling antique theatres. Don't be surprised to see remains of monuments from Paleolithic – remains of gravestones, Illyrian period – stone mounds, or from Roman period – Villa rustica in Mala Proversa.
The island of Dugi otok was first mentioned in the mid-10th century by Byzantine emperor Constantine Porfirogenet, who refers to it in his work “De administrando imperio”, under the name of Pizuh. Furthermore, at the beginning of 11th century the island was called Insula Tilagus in written documents and that name was preserved in the name of bay-cove, today's nature park Telascica.

The island was inhabited very early, which is confirmed by archaeological excavations from Krševanje polje and Veli Rat, dating back to the Old and Middle Stone Age (Paleolithic and Mesolithic). The island has remains of Illyrian settlements (Omišenjak, Koženjak, Veli Brčastac…) with or without castle ruins (Vrtlaci), there are also numerous tumuli (Gominjak, Čuh polje…) and one graveyard on the flatland (Dugo polje).
Numerous remains of scattered ceramic fragments, smaller monuments (sarcophagi, votive monuments) and remains of farm buildings (villa rustica) witness to the existence of Antique period. Among these, special attention has to be paid to farm complex in Mala Proversa, as well as to votive monument of Empire age of Euhemer in honor of Goddess Diane that indicates the existence of imperial property on the area of the lake Žmanjsko jezero.

Early Christian and pre-Romanesque periods are accompanied with numerous churches, many of which are well preserved, such as the church of St. Pelegrin in Savar.
As to secular housing architecture several examples from the period between the 16th and 18th century are preserved. These buildings make a valuable contribution to insular, as well as to secular architecture of the city of Zadar from Mannerism and Baroque.

Nature park Telascica
Nature Park Telašćica Nature Park Telašćica on the south-east part of Dugi otok together with 13 surrounding islands and islets, makes a marvelous harmony of the nature on the 70,5 sq.m.
There is a contrast of quiet bays with rough cliffs, the area of the wood complex of the Alpine pine trees and holly oak macchia on side, with bare rocky grounds on the other side, the area of cultivated fields of vineyards and olive-trees, as well as the area of rocky grassland. Mediterranean vegetation with more than 400 species of plants, numerous rare and endemic.
Three basic phenomena distinguish the Nature Park Telascica:
• Telašćica bay, one of the safest, the most beautiful and largest natural ports in the Adriatic. There are 6 islets and cliffs inside the bay, and 25 small coves on the 69 km coast lenght. It is an attractive anchorage for many boaters.
• The Cliffs of the island Dugi otok or locally called Stene rising up to 200 m over the sea, and vertically falling down 90 m into the sea. Great number of bird species nest here, as well as Falco peregrinus and Falco eleonore.
• Salt Lake Mir with fine curative gray silt, is the residence of endemic specie of eel called Kajman.

Cave “Strašna peć” - opening July 1st 2006.
It was mentioned for the first time in 1898 in the paper Il Dalmata; and in an article by dr. Luka Jelic in ILLUSTRIERTE ÖSTERREICHISCHE RIVIERA - ZEITUNG in 1904 it was popularized and tourists started visiting it.
It was visited by the emperor Franjo Josip, who was fascinated by its beauty and adapted the cave, had the iron gate put at the entrance, had made 2 lanterns, and stairway to the sea was also built. Today the cave is neglected and has no approach path. The tourist board and the local board are trying to revaluate this attraction.
Its entrance is on 70m height above sea level and it is formed in well-layered limestones of fossil shells from Cretaceous. After the entrance, which most probably developed when a part of the ceiling caved in, the channel starts descending (in the first part) first mildly and then ever steeper to the bottom filled with imploded blocks.

A small port in the north-eastern part of the island Dugi otok. The ruins of fortifications are dated from the Illyrian times. Božava is first mentioned in written documents in 1327. as Bosane.

Although the inhabitants of Božava are hard working farmers and fishermen, most of them are included in tourism. You can find accommodation in private apartments or in hotels, and you are also welcomed in our nautical sport port. Kindness of the natives, as well as the long lasting tradition in tourism are the guaranty for your pleasant stay.


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