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Pirovac, Croatia

Pirovac is Dalmatian town situated in the Bay of Pirovac and connected with Šibenik via an Adriatic tourist road. Croatia

Pirovac municipality stretches over the area of 41 km2, including towns Pirovac, Kašić and Putičanje, which have approximately 2.000 inhabitants. Pirovac, the municipal center, is an ancient Dalmatian town situated in the Bay of Pirovac and connected with Šibenik via an Adriatic tourist road. It is 23 km away from Šibenik, 48 km from Zadar, 85 km from Trogir and 108 km from Split.
Its bay is a natural phenomenon, cut in 10 km deep into the rocks and Mediterranean vegetation, which mixes its luscious scents with the genuine smell of the sea.
Several valuable cultural and historical monuments grace the town. Important monuments from that period are: ancient town walls built in 1505 and the church of Sv. Juraj built in 1506, both by Petar Draganić. The church was reconstructed in the 18th century in Baroque style, Gothic sarcophagus in the chapel of the Vrančić-Draganić family is to be found on the local cemetery with a relief from 1447 and the remains of an old Franciscan monastery from 1511 can be found on the island of Sv. Stjepan. The remains of Roman civilization have been found on the island.
The town of Pirovac prides itself with many natural beaches , sandy coves and at any time of day one can enjoy a different view of the amazing island of Sustipanac. Like the entire county Šibensko-kninska, Pirovac lies on the palm of two national parks : island heaven “Kornati” and beautiful river “Krka” with unique falls in Karst.
The southern arm of the Bay of Pirovac, Makirina, is a natural bathing place with curative peloid mud. With its constituents, quality and quantity this locality of curative mud exceeds all known localities in Croatia. Its application for medical purposes is the foundation for a real tourist “boom”. Five kilometers to the north there is lake Vrana, which is ideal for recreational fishing.


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