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Very good,
(Rating 1 guest)

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Very good,
(Rating 1 guest)

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service 8.8
value for money 7.5
sleeping 7.5
cleanliness 10
location 10
rooms 6.3
pools 7.5
food 8.8
personnel 8.8
WiFi 10

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Nataliya Moscow Russia 2017-09-06
Very nice hotel for those who likes privacy and comform. Quite and small (in terms of number of rooms) hotel. Very convenient location in the close proximity to the center. Very nice beach just two steps from the hotel. Very good breakfasts and dinners. For sure can and will recommend it !!!
The only negative impression is about rooms and furniture. Rooms are spacy but old-fationed and except for the bathrooms require urgent refurbishing - new furniture, TV.
For sure I would recommend the Hotel and the place - Brela! for relaxing comfortable summer holiday ! Many thanks to all personell of the hotel for good care and attention!

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