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storitev 6.5
razmerje cena / kvaliteta 7.5
spanje 7.5
čistoča 6.5
lokacija 9.5
sobe 7.8
osebje 7
WiFi 4

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družina 2
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individualno 1

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Hungary 2021-08-20
Beautiful view, peaceful and quiet place, dolphins were regularly seen.
The apartman was dirty, the floor sticky, there was sand in the indoor shower, no trash bags provided, a single roll of toilet paper etc.. The fifth bed is a very uncomfortable and dirty couch, not suitable for sitting let alone sleeping on it. There was basically no internet connection, couldn't even check emails via the wifi. In general, the condition of the house was a lot poorer than what the pictures suggest.
The quality of the road to the parking area next to the house is quite good. The terrace is extremely hot and there is no shade after 3pm, so it's a good idea to bring sheets to use as parasol. The path to the sea is steep and overgrown by spiky plants.

Georg K. Valley Koatien 2020-09-09
Sehr ruhig, Weg zum Meer für Ältere Menschen ein wenig unwegsam. Hier hat man vollkommene Ruhe, keiner stört hier. Badebucht wunderbar klar und einsam.
Mit kleinen Kindern zum Baden weniger geeignet, Weg zum Meer steinig und steil.

Oliver Bergheim D 2018-09-04
Sehr schön ruhig gelegen ! Super Terasse mit Aussicht.
Nicht Kleinkinder oder Seniorengeeignet.. Steiler und rutschiger Auf-u. Abstieg zum Parkplatz und ans Wasser.

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