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Island Krk - Baska


Island Krk - Baska

Baska, island Krk, Baska is one of the most desirable destinations on the Croatian Adriatic, Hotels Baska, Vila Adria, Kvarner, Croatia

Baska is one of the most desirable destinations on the Croatian Adriatic. Its favourable location allowed it uninterrupted development and prosperity, and in the present a recognisable face on the tourism market.

Situated in a gentle valley, in a bay surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and Spanish broom plants, with a picturesque backdrop of the rugged peaks of the Velebit mountain chain and the islet of Prvić, Baška seems to be protected from all sides. Its unique 1,800 metre-long white pebble beach is a recipient of a Blue Flag for environmental preservation. This beach is rightly referred to as one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic Sea.

Baska remains an untouched and preserved jewel of natural beauty. Those in search of stunning landscapes, flora and fauna will have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful animal species both on land and in the sea.

Mrgari are unique to the landscape of the island of Krk. They are vast expanses used a sheep pens, fenced by drystone walls that form a flower shape. These man made stone formations, preserved especially on the rugged plateaus above the Baska valleys, are a real adornment to the rolling Baska countrydside.

It is also known far and wide for its bora wind, which in combination with an endless landscape of medicinal herbs, offers healthy living to all of its inhabitants and visitors.

Baska has a rich heritage of history and culture. Prominent among them are Early Christian finds dating from the 5th century, and the renowned Baska Tablet, the best-known and oldest monument inscribed in the Croatian language, St. Lucy's Abbey (Sveta Lucija), and other ancient churches and chapels. Also to be found here is a valuable ethnographic collection in the heritage museum. The Baska Aquarium offers a unique experience of submarine life in the Croatian Adriatic. The aquarium is also home to one of the largest collections of Adriatic shellfish and sea snails in Croatia.


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