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Orebic, Hotels Orebic, small touristic town on Peljesac Peninsula, sandy beaches, apartments Orebic, mobile homes Perna, Camp Perna, Southern Dalmatia, Croatia

OREBIC (Orebici), a small town on the southern coast of the Peljesac Peninsula. An average air temperature in January is 9.1 °C and in July 26.5 °C. The surroundings is characterized by luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation. Economy is based on farming, fruit growing, fishing and tourism. Among the beaches, the most interesting is the cove of Trstenica.

Orebic has ferry lines with Korcula. It is located on the regional road running along the peninsula.
In the past Orebic was an important maritime centre; until the 16th century it was called Trstenica and was the duke's seat under the Dubrovnik administration (1343-1806). - Stone tumuli and fortifications (on the hills of Gruda and Vizanjica) date back to the prehistoric times. The traces of a Roman habitation (remains of a Roman villa - villa rustica, graves) have been found as well. The small Baroque church has an early Christian marble relief built-in above the door of the closed arcade. Orebic has also the Maritime Museum. The Gothic-Renaissance Franciscan monastery (15th c.) is located 2 km west of Orebic; it features a collection of works of art.

The monastery church was built in 1486 by Mihoc Radisic; the main portal features the relief of Madonna, a work by an anonymous disciple of N. Fiamberti; in the church is another relief of Madonna, made by Nikola Firentinac (Nicholas of Florence). - On the hill above the monastery is a Gothic church, restored in Baroque style, dedicated to Our Lady of Karmen. Next to it are ancient sarcophagi and several age-old, huge cypresses, as well as a Baroque loggia and the ruins of the Trstenica duke's castle.

Since ancient times Orebic has developed as a mari-time centre (the town was named after a family that gave several captains). The Peljesac Shipping Society was founded in 1865 and had as many as 33 ocean clippers (sailing ships). As one of the largest shipping societies on the Mediterranean, it also opened its own shipyard. When steamers replaced sailing ships, the Society and Orebic suffered very bad times. However, navigation remained the most appreciated occupation in Orebic and on the Peljesac Peninsula.

Today, Orebic is an important tourist resort, offering various accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments), long sand beaches, numerous small coves and clear seawater, as well as sports and recreational facilities and opportunities (tennis courts, football; yachting, windsurfing), outstanding gastronomic offer - especially seafood and famous Peljesac wines (Dingac, Postup) - and pleasant walks in the surroundings. The cemetery near the church of Our Lady of Karmen above Orebic, the final resting place of Peljesac-born captains, offers a beautiful view on the island and the town of Korcula, as well as on numerous islets in the Pelje-sac Channel. Below the Franciscan monastery and the church is a forest of cypress, protected as a -forest park. The ships passing through the Peljesac Channel sound their sirens to greet the church of their patron saint and the resting place of deceased captains, and are replied by sounding of the monastery bells.

Close to the monastery is the village of Karmen with several mediaeval monuments. It is the starting point of walking tours to the picturesque upper villages of Ruskovici, Stankovici and Podvlastica. One of the favourite ascents to the peak of Sveti -Ilija (St. Elias) (961 m) also starts here.

Numerous traditional religious feasts take place in Orebic and the surroundings, the most notable being the feast day of Our Lady of Karmen (16th of July). Theatre tours are organized in the summer months, as well as other cultural events and entertainment programs.


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