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Otok Pašman

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house Afrodita - K4 - island Pasman
house Angelina - K5 - island Pasman
Asta house
cottage Astrid - island Pasman
house Bela - K4 - island Pasman
House Bellatrix - K5 - island Pasman
House Brena - C5 - island Pasman
house Burin - K4+1 - island Pasman
house Cozy Place - K6 - island Pasman
house Crvena - K4+1 - island Pasman
House Dolphin - island Pasman
Island Pasman - house Denebola
house Diva - K4+2 - island Pasman
house Flintstone - K2+1 - island Pasman
House Sea Gull - C6 - island Pasman
House Serenity - C4 - island Zizanj
House Jerena - Island Pasman
House Johan - C5 - island Pasman
House Jure - C4 - island Pasman
House Sage - island Pasman
House Kastel - C6 - island Pasman
Island Pasman - house Lovre
house Magdalena - C4 - island Pasman
Island Pasman - house Marta
House Olive tree - island Pasman
House Murtelica - C4 - island Pasman
House Nika - C5- island Pasman
House Otusi - C8 - island Pasman
House Petra - C8 - Island Zirje
House Pine Shadow - C4+1 - island Pasman
house Plava - K4 - island Pasman
House Roko - C5 - island Pasman
House Sarah - C6 - island Pasman
House Vagabond - C5 - island Pasman
House Soline - C4 - island Pasman
House Old Fisherman - C4 - island Pasman
house Sunset - K4+1 - island Pasman
House Tiana - C4 - island Pasman
House Tony - C3 - island Pasman
House Tvrdica - C6 - island Pasman
house Vesela - C4 - island Pasman
House Zelanto small - C4 - island Pasman
House Zelanto big - island Pasman
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Otok Pašman

Island Pasman, marvelous island, best offer for robinson vacation, view on Kornati National Park, robinson, eco tourism, Northern Dalmatia, Croatia

Island of Pašman extends alongside with the mainland part of Biograd riviera enclosing one of the most beautiful straits – Pašman channel. Picturesque fishing ports, great evergreen areas and sandy beaches follow one another along the beautiful sunny coastline. By regular ferry line from Biograd to Tkon, You can reach Island of Pašman in 10 minutes. Main road runs along the whole island.

In an environment overfilled with wonders of nature, one can hardly isolate the crown jewel. Nevertheless, common opinion is that unique Kornati archipelago in the vicinity of Pašman is the real crown made of 147 silver pieces – islands.

Pašman is the island in Zadar archipelago, separated from Zadar and Biograd by picturesque Pašman channel, along which, like a necklace of pearls, are dispersed dozens of little islands. The sea currents in the strait change course every six hours, making the sea water here the cleanest in the Adriatic. On its’ 60 square kilometers of surface area the island provides proofs about continuity of living from prehistory.

Illiric cities, remains of ancient settlements, archeological findings from old Roman age, rustical villas, mosaics, stone statue of St. Mihovil dating from 12th century in Neviđane and many other historical monuments can be found on the island. The Benedictine Monastery of St. Kuzma and Damjan on Mt. Ćokovac near Tkon, on the foundations of an oldChristian church, built in XII century, gothicized in XIV century, was a well known glagollic center, and keeps a gothic crucifix from the beginning of XV century. The Franciscan Monastery of St. Dujam in Kraj dating from the year 1390, was renewed in the year of 1557. Well worth visiting are renaissance cloister, dinning hall and the museum that keeps valuable painting of Madonna with Baby Jesus and John the Baptist.

Mediterranean climate, convenient for rich flora and fauna world, enabled the growth of numerous species of therapeutic and aromatic plants, while in the underwater one can find all sorts of mussels, shells and fishes of the Croatian Adriatic..

Most of 3.100 inhabitants of typical island places, such as Tkon, Ugrinić, Kraj, Pašman, Mali Pašman, Barotul, Mrljane, Neviđane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Ždrelac are engaged in traditional fishermen and agriculture businesses. Hardworking and cheerful islanders are recently engaged in tourism and have developed a rich touristic offer: I and II category rooms, apartments, boarding houses, auto camps, traditional taverns and restaurants where one must taste delicious sea and field fruits of the ecologically preserved island of Pašman.

Pašman belongs to the Zadar cluster of islands, and is bridged to the island of Ugljan over the Ždrelac strait. The island is well connected with Zadar and Biograd by ferry lines. In front of the island, in Pašman channel that is in some places only 2 km wide, like a neckless of pearls, dozens of little islands are scattered all over. It is an area ideal for all kinds of water sports, sailing and diving. The sea currents in this part change course every six hours, making the sea water here among the cleanest in the Adriatic. Ecologically preserved landscape with various species of therapeutic and aromatic plants, vineyards, fields and olive yards next to sandy and pebble beaches, is the right choice for those who like to spend their vacation away from urban jams and noise..

It would be a real pity not to go for an organized one day excursion to Kornati islands. Pleasant hosts of the island will offer You accommodation in private apartments, rooms, boarding houses and auto-camps either with self cooking or meals in private restaurants. On island of Pašman there is a post office, general practitioner and in urgent cases You can reach hospitals in Biograd or Zadar in 20-30 minutes.


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