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Island Brac - Supetar


Island Brac - Supetar

Supetar, island Brac, Croatia
long and beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees made Supetar a favorite destination for a vacation.

About Supetar

Supetar is certainly an ideal place for a holiday…where the gracious sun rises in front the blue beach which timidly reveals itself with the naive innocence of a girl...and in the evening, there is a deep the heart of this miserable land and ungrateful stone, there is a moment of high and passionate home spun poetry, some forward beauty on which to pause …so many stars with their flickering discreet…peace is overwhelming me…” This is how Tin Ujević wrote about Brač and Supetar in 1929. Supetar today is a town with over 4000 inhabitants that live the real Dalmatian way of life, however this magical peace, even if in another form, still exists. Those who come to Supetar, always want to come back. It is a real island town and the largest settlement on the island of Brač, the true heart of the island and located on its northern part. It is a great starting point for those wanting to discover this beautiful, diverse and rather interesting island. Supetar is also the administrative, cultural, economic and tourist centre of the island, excellently connected to Split by ferry.
Supetar was once the port for Nerežišća – the island’s historical capital located in its interior.
The name Supetar (deriving from saint Peter) was mentioned for the first time in 1423 and took on its present features during the 17th and 18th centuries when it was inhabited by people from Donji Humac. It obtained town status in 1997. The nearby villages of Mirca, Splitska and Škrip also make up part of the town.


Supetar has a wealth of historical heritage. That is not strange as its history dates back to the period of the Roman emperors, which can be proved by the 6th century remains: the early Christian mosaic close to the parish church and the villa rustica on St. Nicolas’ cape by the town beach of Banj.

Walk to the town cemetery and visit the mausoleum of the Petrinović family, a work of art by Toma Rosandić and above Supetar, with a beautiful view over the Brač Channel, or visit one of the 19 preserved churches from the early Romanesque period on Brač, including the small church of St. Lucas.

If you decide to visit Vidova gora you need to take the trail through the pine forest where you can enjoy the blackberries that grow along the way, and maybe you will meet a small herd of horses too before reaching Trolokve. It is an interesting location with three watering holes which were once a very important public good.
However, the most important attraction and the pride of Supetar is Ivan Rendić (1849 – 1932), the most famous artist in the town’s history, the first important and artistically educated sculptor who is considered the pioneer of modern Croatian sculpture.

A beautiful memorial collection can be found in the Ivan Rendić Gallery, right in the centre of Supetar and close to the waterfront, above the Popular Library. Besides Supetar, this great man of Croatian sculpture’s works can also be found in Trieste, Venice, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Koprivnica. However, the work of art worthy of particular note is the bell-tower in the church in Ložišća on the island of Brač.

In addition to visiting the collection you can also spend a Day with Rendić – a cultural walk that will lead you through the most beautiful parts of Supetar where you can see works of art and heritage by this famous Supetar citizen. You can find the guide for this cultural walk at the Tourist and Information Centre in Supetar immediately after exiting the ferry boat.


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